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I normally have difficulties accepting teachers in a deep way, because I long for teachers with a certain attitude towards learning. Anja, Belle and Ron have this attitude. They are learners themselves. Open, supportive, giving and receiving. Apart from this they are just excellent in what they do. And they do it with love.
— Jenny, Organizational Development Consultant, Germany

BELLE LINDA HALPERN (Vocal Technique & Songs) a cabaret singer and actress, has taught singing since 1986 in Boston, San Francisco, Italy and France. Belle has performed at clubs and theaters in New York, San Francisco, Paris, Munich, Jerusalem, and Bombay. She has taught at Harvard University and the Longy School of Music in Cambridge, MA. Her influences include cabaret singer Martha Schlamme (cabaret), Penelope Kreitzer (acting), Edwin Gray (musical theatre), and Christa Ludwig (opera). Belle is co-founder of the Ariel Group (www.arielgroup.com) and co-author of the best-selling Leadership Presence, a book about leadership and dramatic performance. She is also the founder of the non-profit Inspiring Educators, helping schools inspire, so students succeed.  Most recently she created the critically acclaimed show: CRAVINGS — Songs of Hunger & Satisfaction a funny and thought-provoking look at our search for what feeds us. The Boston Globe and Jewish Advocate named it their Best Theater of 2009, and it was nominated for an IRNE Award in 2010. Belle and music Director/accompanist, Tuscany Projects own Ron Roy, recently went in to the studio and we’re excited to announce the CD is now available. Click here to see video of Belle in the Studio. During the workshop, Belle will focus on the art of cabaret: connecting performers to their song and to their audience through feelings and life experiences. 

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RON ROY (Songs, Musical Style) is a pianist, arranger, music director and performer. He has worked as accompanist and teaching partner for the past 20 years with cabaret artist Belle Linda Halpern. He coaches beginners, amateurs and professionals, helping them to develop their own unique musical voice and style. Ron has traveled internationally as musical director and accompanist for a wide variety of shows and performers. He brings his ‘joie de vivre’, his exceptional talent and passion for music and song in working on a broad range of styles, from classical and opera, to pop, jazz and cabaret.  Ron is on the faculty at The Boston Conservatory at Berklee and as a pianist and musical director has extensive credits in cabaret, musical theatre and opera. He has been on stage both locally and worldwide, including Scullers Jazz Club, the Huntington Theatre, the Roy Hart Theatre in Southern France, and venues in Berlin and Toyko. He travels internationally as musical director and accompanist for a variety of shows and performers, including the Off-Broadway hit, Forbidden Broadway.

Teachers taught with meta skills/attitudes of love, humor, compassion, playfulness, connection with meaningfulness of their own journey, belief that it can make the world better and brighter.
— Jan, Psychiatrist, Czech Republic


Arina Isaacson
Dorte Koch
Hobart Yates
Ingvar Bengtsson
Johannes Theron
Marie-Paule Marthe
Paul Crabtree
Penelope Kreitzer
Shaynee Rainbolt
Steve Sweeting
Susan Robbins
Terese Genecco


ANJA STRUCHHOLZ (Movement & Performance Presence) has studied and taught theater, movement and voice for the past 25 years throughout Europe and the US. Her work is informed by approaches ranging from the voice work of the Roy Hart Theatre and Kristin Linklater, Classical Ballet and New Dance to the acting approach of Chechov, the work of Augusto Boal and Ruth Zaporah's Action Theater. She has studied the voice work of Romeo Alavi Kia and his approach of the lunar/solar breathing and singing types. Anja has sung in choirs and a cappella quartets, has performed her One-Woman-Show "Wanted" and is currently singing in a duo with another singer/guitarist. Anja's interest as an artist and teacher is in discovering the deeper potential of each individual by daring to challenge old habits and exploring new ways of expression in a supportive and accepting space. Through the curious "dance" with our body, voice, imagination and emotion we deepen our authenticity as a singer and find more ease and joy in working moment to moment. Anja's classes focus on connecting body, breath, voice, text and imagination, and the ability to be present on stage with awareness, aliveness and confidence. Anja is also a coach and facilitator for Leadership Presence and Communication, and a certified wingwave-coach www.wingwave.com

The teachers, each one, surpassed my expectations. I had to take it on faith that a project functioning for 23 years had a solid core of professionals. My faith proved to be grounded.
— Mary, Lawyer, USA

Past (and Future) Faculty include:


BENTZION (B.Z.) GOLDBERG (Vocal Exploration & Song Interpretation) B.Z. has worked with the human voice for the past twenty five years, exploring a range of approaches from experimental work to opera. His influences and teachers include Penelope Kreitzer, Mark Rittenberg, James Toland, Seth Riggs, Kaya Anderson, and a number of members of the Roy Hart Theatre. B.Z. has worked in a variety of styles from highly experimental music to opera to a three-year stint singing gospel music with the Glide Ensemble in San Francisco. He has taught in the USA, Europe, the Middle East, and Japan. B.Z.’s teaching often includes vocal exploration and the deep connections between the voice and the body while exploring a wide range of techniques of approaching individual songs. B.Z. is also a filmmaker and director of the Academy Award nominated film Promises, as well as the climate change film project 8 degrees and 34 minutes East. 


DR. PHILLIP WOODS (Group singing and other delights) Born into a family of North Carolina preachers and singers, Phillip credits his early exposure to Gospel for his passion for music and its ability to transform lives. An acclaimed pianist, arranger, and choir director for church, community and theater groups for 30 years, Phillip’s extraordinary talent is known throughout the U.S.A. and abroad. He has recorded several CDs, and his vocals have been heard on national TV. His original music was featured as part of the Alvin Ailey Dance Company’s suite Frames, and he has starred in numerous theatrical productions, including A New Brain, Ain’t Misbehavin’ and Songs For a New World. Singers are consistently moved by his spirited teaching, by his depth of passion and commitment to music, and by his lively sense of humor! 
Find out more about Phillip at phillip-woods.com

SHAYNEE RAINBOLT (Vocal Technique & Coach) is an award-winning jazz vocalist/recording artist with a B.A. in Music Theater (S.F. State University), an M.A. in Arts Administration (Golden Gate University), and extensive training in vocal technique & performance from a diverse array of instructors. A three-time Tuscany Project Alumni, Shaynee credits the Project with giving her the tools and encouragement to follow her dream and return to the stage after a long absence. Since her first project in 2000, she has recorded four CD’s & performed extensively in the US & abroad at performing arts centers, festivals and clubs. When not performing or teaching, Shaynee is also a freelance arts manager and consultant. Please visit www.shaynee.com for complete details.