This place is paradise ... and the teachers are masters. It could not have been better!
— David Feehan, master voice teacher and professional recording artist, New Zealand
The Tuscany Project is important, not just for singing, but for art in general. It reminds us that we live in a diverse community, each with our own unique talents that are essential to its growth. We thrive together.
— Jesi Mullins, New York Actor/Singer
The Tuscany Project states that it only lasts one week, but the truth of the matter is, it will last you a lifetime.
— Marie, NY
It was amazing to me that in our group we had singers at literally every level—beginners to professionals—and it seemed to me that everyone’s ability, confidence, and enjoyment of their singing improved through the week. That “one-room schoolhouse” effect is very hard to do, and the TP faculty did a great job. Perhaps most importantly, everyone seemed to be having a grand time.
— Doug, Georgia, USA
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A year on, I am still feeling the effects of the project and my creativity has just shot up. I‘ve never sung so well, or been so unafraid to explore, and to do that in a live performance context. Every time I go out on stage it‘s almost irrelevant that there is an audience; I just want to let rip
— Louise Rutkowski, (This Mortal Coil) singer and recording artist, London, England