The Tuscany Project

The Tuscany Project 2018: June 30th - July 7th

In 2018, we are offering our "classic" workshop. The focus will be  making a song your own and sharing it with an audience in your own unique way. The project is suitable for singers of all levels - from professionals / semi-professionals to those with significant performance experience to those have never sung soli before in public, to anything in between. The process of the workshop will enable every participant to sing a song from a deeper place, sharing it with an audience and move it beyond "the art of making beautiful sounds on pitch." We will work  on voice, song interpretation, movement and stage presence, and we will come together as a group each day to experience the joy of singing in harmony with others. We invite you to join us! 

Participants come together in a supportive environment where the group and the individual's process are respected. The work we do is not about competition; it is about celebrating each participant's own unique voice in a vibrant, international community of singers and teachers. For 25 years, we have had the joy of meeting and working with people of all ages, nationalities and skill levels. The only prerequisites are an open mind, a desire to sing, and the courage to take risks. Make yourself and your voice a priority and join us!  

“The Tuscany Project is important, not just for singing, but for art in general. It reminds us that we live in a diverse community, each with our own unique talents that are essential to its growth. We thrive together.”
— Jesi Mullins, New York Actor/Singer

The dream that became The Tuscany Project.

Over twenty years ago, four friends combined their skills as musicians, singers, actors and teachers to create an annual artistic retreat. Their dream was to create an environment where individuals could experience the power of the human voice as a celebration of the human spirit. This dream came out of their common belief that music, and particularly singing supported by a community of like-minded Individuals inspires and transforms lives. They imagined a place where once a year individuals from every walk of life, of any age and musical experience level, could step out of their daily life and into a paradise where artistic freedom and musical exploration are encouraged and nurtured.


What is a typical day at The Tuscany Project?

You'll start your day off with coffee, tea and breakfast at 8:00 AM, followed by movement with Anja in the studio nestled in the beautiful Umbrian hills. at 9:00 AM. 

At 10:15 AM morning classes begin and you will have either a master song interpretation class with Belle and Ron, or an embodied voice and song class with Anja.  

Lunch is served buffet style around 1:15 PM and, as with all of the meals include vegetables and herbs from the kitchen garden, olive oil from the olive grove, and home-made breads - all in the finest traditions of Mediterranean cuisine.   

From 2:30-4:15 PM we recommend siestas or a swim in the Locanda’s beautiful infinity pool overlooking Umbrian hills, or a nap in the hammocks or a massage.  

From 4:30-7:00, there are optional classes on dealing with stage fright, getting fully stage presence, and individual coaching with or Ron on arrangement and interpretation and Shaynee on vocal teachnique  -- or there is time to take a trip to nearby Perugia, Assisi or Gubbio for the cost of transport.  

From 7:00-7:45pm is group singing time to enjoy the power of harmony and community in simple chants and songs from Eastern European music to American Gospel and South African Zulu chants.

At 8pm, it's time for  leisurely Italian Dinner with several courses including home made pasta, local wine and watching the sunset. Speak with your new friends about  the possibilities and ideas that came to you during your retreat day and savor the Italian countryside. Several nights we will gather together for a performance from faculty, a sing along and a casual student concert in the main studio. We recommend bed time by 11:00 or thereabouts - snuggle under a down comforter and read and rest well. Tomorrow will be another day of la dolce vita at our singing and personal retreat at Locanda del Gallo!


Our Approach

The Tuscany Project mixes group and individual work, focusing on each person’s growing edge in the area of vocal exploration, movement, performance presence, and song presentation. Our approach integrates the intellectual, emotional, and the physical aspects of voice and song. Although the program involves intense work, it also includes time to experience the Italian dolce vita: slowing down; dinners that last hours; the beauty of infinity pool and the Umbrian hills. Constant emphases are the passion and joy of singing and power of body, voice, soul and community. 


Daily gentle and vigorous movement prepares us for the physical aspects of vocal and performance work and develops fuller freedom of expression in our bodies, connection between breath, body and voice. Anja’s morning sessions encourage the joy of waking up, being present and moving our bodies.



We explore pathways to powerful performance of songs: vocal and acting technique, personal and emotional connection to material, and methods to bring forth the “story” in a song. Our focus is to create a genuine connection with one’s self and the audience, with presence, aliveness, and confidence. Students perform their songs at a final celebration.



Through movement, acting exercises and improvisation, sound, and song, we connect more deeply with our imagination, physical impulses, and emotions. We learn to embody our material with more choices and cultivate performance skills that enable us to be fully present on stage.


The Tuscany Project: ITALY (named for the area where the project began) now takes place in the green hills of Umbria. The villa in which we will be living and working, the Locanda del Gallo, is a restored 12th century villa located on a secluded hillside near the towns of Perugia and Gubbio, not far from Assisi, and about halfway between Rome and Florence. 

The rooms at the Locanda sleep 2 to 3 people with family suits that sleep 4 (2 to a room). The property includes an amazing swimming pool with a panoramic vista of the entire valley. Meals emphasizing local culinary traditions are eaten on a terrace and usually savored alfresco at the leisurely Italian pace. Organic vegetables and aromatic herbs from the kitchen garden, olive oil from the on site olive grove, home made yogurt, cakes and breads-the food is local, fresh and In the finest traditions of Mediterranean cuisine. And never fear, dietary restrictions are accommodated happily without any sacrifice of taste or quality. 

Locanda del Gallo can be easily reached by car or train from the international airports in Rome or Florence. 

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