Coming back to center

I describe The Tuscany Project as coming back to center, to that place inside I used to call home. Over 25 years ago, a vocal injury sidelined my singing career.  Because I grew up performing, this meant losing a huge part of my identity. It’s difficult enough to redefine oneself when we decide for ourselves to do so; it’s even harder to do so because of an unexpected (and unwanted!) event. I sought help from preeminent singing specialists all over the U.S., and most doctors told me that there was no hope for me to regain the ability to sing. Finally, just four years ago, my long-term vocal cord doctor found that my cords had improved. Fearing humiliation, I had not really sung for others for 25 years, so I can't thank the Tuscany Project enough for giving me a safe place to sing--in fact, the marvelous part of my participation in Italy is how quickly I felt comfortable with my own vulnerability. I felt and observed so much honesty and acceptance while I was there, that you will always have my gratitude.  So, yes, in Italy, I finally came back to my center of expression. I found my voice again, it is a new and different voice, and, I hope, a wiser voice.


Naperville, Illinois