The Tuscany Project = A Singing Retreat

By joining our workshop, you will: 

  • Explore your voice and its connection to breath, body and imagination

  • Experience singing as a way to emotional wellbeing as well as a path to unravel stories inside of you

  • Discover your physical self as a rich source for vocal power, imagination and expression

  • Sing and play with others in a safe environment where everybody can take risks

  • Deepen your artistry and the awareness of the unique gifts we all bring to the creative process and a community

  • Combine intense work and the experience of the Italian La Dolce Vita

  • Develop confidence and skill to sing a solo song, even with little singing experience

  • Understand performing as a way of sharing and connecting with an audience rather than impressing them


Daily gentle and vigorous movement prepares us for the physical aspects of vocal and performance work and develops fuller freedom of expression in our bodies, connection between breath, body and voice. Anja’s morning sessions encourage the joy of waking up, being present and moving our bodies.


Experience the joy and community that comes from singing in a group. Phillip Woods brings his experience in the African American Gospel tradition, a passion for music for music and its ability to transform lives to the Tuscany Project once again! An acclaimed pianist, arranger, and choir director for church, community and theater groups for 30 years, Phillip’s extraordinary talent is known throughout the U.S.A. and abroad. Singers are consistently moved by his spirited teaching, by his depth of passion and commitment to music, and by his lively sense of humor!



Through acting and improvisational exercises, we connect more deeply with our imagination, physical impulses and emotions. We overcome the inner censor and develop more freedom on stage as well as important skills of performance such as focus, energy, connection and timing. 

Through physical exercises derived from movement and acting work, we connect the voice more to the body and learn to sing from our full physical self. We understand how the body informs the voice and how we can create new sounds and open passages through physical awareness and activity. 


We explore pathways to powerful performance of songs: vocal and acting technique, personal and emotional connection to material, and methods to bring forth the “story” in a song. Our focus is to create a genuine connection with one’s self and the audience, with presence, aliveness, and confidence. Students perform their songs at a final celebration.

The Tuscany Project is important, not just for singing, but for art in general. It reminds us that we live in a diverse community, each with our own unique talents that are essential to its growth. We thrive together.
— Jesi Mullins, New York Actor/Singer

Singing is the birthright of each human being. Whether we sing in the shower, in a choir or with a band: Singing is a joyful way to connect with our creativity and our power. And when shared with others, it creates moments of resonance and community that can touch the soul. 

At the Tuscany Project we bring together people from all walks of life and ranging experiences with singing. We engage them in an artistic process that is guided by the belief that everybody has a unique voice and a story to tell. 

Through work on voice, physical expression, improvisation, song interpretation and choral/harmony singing, we develop and deepen the connection of each participant to their inner resources. In a highly supportive and non-judgmental environment, performance skills are playfully strengthened, creativity is unleashed and singing becomes an expression of self. As a result, each participant is able to sing a solo song with an accompanying pianist, and share it with a small audience at the end of the workshop in a casual concert.

 People walk away from this experience with more confidence and an awareness of their own artistry. They experience their potential to show up in the world with an authentic voice and express themselves with more joy and courage and less critical judgment. Singing becomes a metaphor for being more present in the world and for daring to live life fully and in communion with others.